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Gaute Frøystein

Born in 1979 and grew up at Husnes on the west coast of Norway, I’ve lived in Bodø since early 2003.

I am an Air Traffic Controller here in Bodø and combining this with being father to 4 great kids, I don't have enough time to photograph as much as I would like to. 


I’ve been photographing actively since 2008, and as I have learnt new things I have experimented with different things to photograph and I still learn new things by testing new things. However my passion in photography is, and will always be, landscape and animals. From an early age I’ve been very interested in nature in all shapes and forms. I find equal joy in photographing a sparrow, a lion or northern lights. 


Lately I've been using my old analog camera more frequently. It is more challenging than the digital one, but also very rewarding when you manage to get the result you were hoping for. Another project I've been working on is digitalising old photos and analog film negatives. 

Distinctions awarded:


ANSFF - Artist NSFF (2019)

ENSFF - Eksellense NSFF (2019)
ENSFF-B Eksellense NSFF (2022)


AFIAP - Artiste FIAP (2019)

EFIAP - Excellence FIAP (2020)


NSMiF-B (2019)

NSMiF-S (2020)

NSMiF-G (2021)

NSMiF-P (2022)

MNFFF-B (2021) 
MNFFF-G (2022)

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
— Imogen Cunningham

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